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THE CCEP Designate course is (105) hours in length over seven weekends. Most classes are 15 hours in length, typically spaced one month apart. The Council on Extremity Adjusting reserves the right to increase the hours at its own discretion.

Doctors are welcome to sit any section of the program for their continuing education hours without sitting for an examination. Being an expert in extremity adjusting is not for everyone, but knowing about extremities can enhance all doctors' understanding of how easily spinal problems can be a result of poorly functioning extremities. With this kind of knowledge it is much easier to help your patients with their difficult and non-responsive conditions.

Most classes are concluded with a written examination on that material. An overall average score of (75%) seventy five percent through the seven classes will qualify you to sit for the practical exam. Seminar attendees are required to successfully complete all seven courses offered to be eligible to take the final practical evaluation. You must be a graduate chiropractor with a diploma during your last class to qualify for the practical exam. All classes must be taken within 25 months time to qualify for the practical exam. An additional ($200) two hundred dollar fee payable to the "Council on Extremity Adjusting" is required to sit for the practical examination.

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