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The CCEP Update is a quarterly newsletter produced by the Council on Extremity Adjusting. Hard copies of the newsletter require a subscription fee. For more information, contact the CEA office at (208) 375-7431

Adobe Reader is required to view these files. if you do not have the reader you can download it here: 

October 2012: What's New in the CEA!!

January 2012: Foot, Gait & Orthotics, Part II

October 2011: Foot, Gait & Orthotics, Part I

July 2011: The Performance for Life Method™

April 2011: Rehabilitation of the Extremities Part II

January 2011: Rehabilitation of the Extremities Part I

October 2010: Abused Exercises and How to Do Them Correctly

July 2010: Gaining a Presence in the Medical Arena

April 2010: Chiropractic Treatment of Ribs

January 2010: Marketing CCEP & CCEP Impact Stories

October 2009: Therapies 

July 2009: Best Exercises That May Not Be Well-Known 

April 2009: Special Edition: Corporate Health Coaching

January 2009 - A Refresher on Upper Extremity

October 2008 - A Refresher on Ribs

July 2008 - A Refresher on the Shoulders

April 2008 - Kinetic Chain, Foot, Gait and Orthotics

January 2008 - A Refresher on the Knees

October 2007 - CCEPs on Sports Teams

July 2007 - The CCEP Newletter Returns!

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